BLACKPEPPER - 2011 NZ Champion - Scott Radley
2011 NZ Thundercat S-750 Class Surfcross Champion
Racing Class  S-750 Racing Number

Association Thundercat Racing Association of New Zealand
Boat Owner  Scott Radley Contact Details  
Driver  Scott Radley Contact Details  
Co-driver  Dave Hamilton Contact Details  

Profile / Status

2008/09 was the first season racing for Blackpepper. It was an action packed one, with a rapid improvement over the 6 race summer series, almost breaking into the top 3 in the final round at Piha. Managing to keep the boat upright for the entire surf cross series and taking out the rookie of the year title was definitely a highlight, but flipping 5km from the finish of the 180km King of the Cape surf haul would have to be the low light of their 2008/09 season (mind you, he did have the wife in the bow).

The 2009/10 season and Blackpepper came 2nd in the National Surfcross Championships and in 2010/11 Scott & Dave became National Surfcross Champions.

Scott primarily uses stainless Solas propellers, performance tuned & serviced by Dunnrite.

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