Hydraulink Racing
2002/2005/2006 NZ Thundercat S-750 Class Champion
Racing Class  S-750 Racing Number Retired
Association Thundercat Racing Association of New Zealand
Boat Owner  Warwick (Wazz) Pilcher Contact Details  
Driver  Warwick (Wazz) Pilcher Contact Details  
Co-driver  Gordon (Flash) Vandy Contact Details  

Profile / Status

Warwick raced at the first TRANZ event in the Dunnrite Propellers Thundercat and was soon joined by Gordon.
Over the years Wazz & Flash have proved a formidable team representing NZ against South Africa and Australia and winning the 2001 Trans Tasman Longhaul Championship.
Wazz primarily used stainless Yamaha propellers performance tuned & serviced by Dunnrite.

Wazz & Flash won the 2002 NZ S-750 Class Championship, 2005 NZ S-750 Class Championship, and the 2006 NZ S-750 Class Endurance Championship.

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